Mazen Alfeel x Art Embassy Invisible Hand

In collaboration with London-based artist and curator Vincent Dassault, Art Embassy was established with a mission to advise and support artists from cities with emerging or established art scenes around the world to help them achieve worldwide recognition through strategic exposure.

The project succeeded in representing artists from 12 countries and managed each of the artist’s curated exhibitions in New York, London, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Paris, Singapore, and Seoul. One of the exhibitions, The Invisible Hand, took place during the Frieze Art Fair 2016 and shared a visual tale about the reciprocal relationship between the human figure, society and the world at large, one where each party has an impact on the other.

Adapting to the corporal envelope of the two-floor space, the upper room was brought to life by artworks focused on human figure and experience, featuring James Bullimore, Even Sungur, and Iabadiou Piko. The lower room below ground diffused the urban atmosphere, hosting a myriad of social interpretations by artists such as Vincent Falk and Baldassarre Ruspoli.

The exhibition presented a fresh perspective through multimedia curation and interrogated our understanding of the anthropological figure by placing it in a global referential. Through community effort, the proceeds made from the project sponsored a Syrian refugee artist, Mazen Alfeel.

Artworks by Mazen Alfeel, James Bullimore, Even Sungur, Iabadiou Piko, Vin-

cent Falk, and Baldassarre Ruspoli

Organized by Art Embassy