Akinola Davies Jr. x sketchedSPACE HOD

Presented by sketchedSPACE, H.O.D, the first American solo exhibition of Nigerian moving images artist Akinola Davies Jr. took place at Dupont Underground in Washington, D.C. from 27 Sept to 20 Oct, 2018.

Titled after Davies’s premiering body of work specifically produced for his solo show at Dupont Underground, HOD creates a narrative of reclamation through displaced and radically alienated African artifacts taken and since kept in the West. The impact their radiant energies have on both the spaces they have been removed from, as well as the spaces they now inhabit, is a core theme of HOD. Taking one of many unresolved, destructive legacies of colonialism as a starting point, the exhibition reflects the intersection of cultural collision by paying homage to the shared histories of the global African Black diaspora as an engine to discuss our present and future.

In dialogue with his films Davies presents totemic flags, created for the cus- todians, inspired by Fante Asafo Flags. By providing physicality to the films’ mythology, the flags attest to his inclination for full, meticulous expression of moving image storytelling through collaborations with costume designers and other artisans while celebrating central themes of multidisciplinary artisanship in Davies’s practice and modes of producing.


All artwork by Akinola Davies Jr.

Presented & Curated by sketchedSPACE

Creative Producer: Moya DeYoung

Project Producer: Deborah Joyce Holman

Costume Designers: Mowalola Ogunlesi, Neesha Champaneria, Rhona Ezuma,

Feben Vemmenby, Ola Oluwa Ebiti

Sound: Dutch E Germ

Exhibition Design: Joseph Bond Studio

Photo & Video: Ahad Subzwari