Sambypen x Doota Mischievous Christmas 2017-8

For holiday seasons 2017 and 2018, sketchedSPACE teamed up with Sambypen for Doota Mall & Duty Free, where the Seoul-based artist created large scale installations of a refreshing take on traditional Christmas characters illustrated throughout the entire building and plaza of the department store.

In 2017, Sambypen told the story of three characters from Digital World, Doota Claus (social media Santa), Dolph (virtual Rudolph), and Pock (digital wish list), who accidentally fell into the real world from their original habitat of the online world. Completely clueless of how things work in the real world, the protagonists constantly mess up, get into trouble, and struggle to deliver a perfect Christmas. Then in 2018, the artist expanded his narrative to introduce a new character named Screwge, a misunderstood villain from Water World who ends up kidnapping Pock not knowing how to make friends properly. These exhibitions provided an opportunity for the artist to expand his practice beyond his signature two-dimensional illustration works, showcasing 3.5-meter tall FRP sculptures, the artist’s largest murals to date, and interactive show windows.

The success from 2017 holiday collaboration led Doota Mall & Duty Free to request its sequel for the 2018 season. This eye-catching series spread quickly through social media and contributed in increasing Doota’s exposure to millennials from not only Korea but also abroad, who visited the area popular for tourism.

All artworks by Sambypen

Curated & Produced by sketchedSPACE

Sponsored by Doota Mall & Duty Free