Taeho Kim x Doota Utropia

For Summer 2018 season of DOOTART, sketchedSPACE showcased Hanoi-based multimedia artist Taeho Kim’s Utropia, an interactive art installation thematizing urban oasis using layers of cooling fog amidst the notorious heat waves of Seoul’s concrete jungle.

The exhibition title Utropia is a portmanteau, combining the words “utopia” and “tropical.” While utopia by definition, is a place that does not exist (from Greek ou ‘not’ + topos ‘place’), Taeho brings the seemingly unattainable destination closer to reality. The juxtaposition between structural deliberateness of floating islands and amorphous unpredictability of cooling fog addresses Dongdaemun’s changing roles throughout the history of Seoul from offering a geographical foundation to becoming a pioneer in fashion and culture. Offering an unexpected respite in the middle of a concrete jungle, Taeho creates an experience that is fantastical while practical by lowering the overall temperature of the area with cooling vapor.

DOOTART is an initiative created by Doota Mall & Duty Free in collaboration with sketchedSPACE to revitalize the creative energy in Dongdaemun, Seoul by providing promising young artists with a high-exposure platform exploring the intersection of art and commerce. The retail branch of the Korean conglomerate Doosan, Doota is a leader in K-fashion and design, previously having hosted Seoul Fashion Week runway for 99%IS, a street punk fashion brand by Korean-Japanese designer Bajowoo and a collaborative pop-up between Vogue Korea and PEACEMINUSONE by the K-pop icon G-Dragon.

Exhibition Design by Taeho Kim

Curated & Produced by sketchedSPACE

Sponsored by Doota Mall & Duty Free