Jiyen Lee x Sundae School Catharsis Pop-up

For Sundae School’s first pop-up event Sunday Recess: Catharsis, sketchedSPACE curated an exhibition featuring Seoul-based multimedia artist Jiyen Lee’s immersive installation exploring religion and cannabis culture.

Taking place at Cakeshop Seoul, the site-specific exhibition portrayed Garden of Marijuana, consisted of 303 Maria sculptures that illuminate to green under moving black lights. The sculptures collectively evoked an image of an outdoor garden, including a picnic area in the center to signify the meditative effects of marijuana, often demonized as the “devil's lettuce” in Korean culture.

Standing tall amidst the sea of smaller Maria’s was the centerpiece Maria placed in front of a curved mirror with her fists clenched. The curved mirror created a disfigured and stretched reflection of Maria, transforming its reserved posture to open up, suggesting a new meaning to the traditional biblical representation. The installation is Jiyen Lee’s metaphorical expression of a rebel against many unsolved taboos in Korea, thematizing her personal history of resistance to her family’s unquestioned devotion to religion.

The 1-day pop-up event received significant media attention, featured on social platforms of Dazed, Hypebeast, and Vogue, and attended by celebrities such as Dumbfoundead, Samuel Seo, and PEACEMINUSONE collective.

All artworks by Jiyen Lee

Curated & Produced by sketchedSPACE

Collection by Sundae School

Special thanks to Cakeshop Seoul