Jiyen Lee x Doota MWYV

The inaugural exhibition of DOOTART, a new initiative created by Doota Mall & Duty Free in collaboration with sketchedSPACE to provide a high-exposure platform for promising young artists, showcased My Wave Your Vibe by Jiyen Lee, a Seoul-based multimedia artist who presents everyday subjects in a new perspective through hypnotizing visuals.

Situated in the second most visited neighborhood in Korea, the exhibition consisted of two participatory sculptures that are conversational (as an artwork inside the show window) and practical (as a place of rest outside) at the same time.

The color palette was inspired by the seasonal colors of autumn, each pixel made of eva foam material to reflect a feeling of warmth and comfort. Doota’s current and potential customers passing by the area were invited to sit or lie down even, and look up at the blue sky view. The artwork not only provided visual pleasure to otherwise an empty space, but also demonstrated business value through extended customer retention.

All artworks by Jiyen Lee

Curated & Produced by sketchedSPACE

Sponsored by Doota Mall & Duty Free