Zinsu Han x Dongdaemoon Future Foundation Memory Flower

In celebration of Dongdaemun Festival 2017, sketchedSPACE featured Seoul-based installation artist Zinsu Han who created Memory Flower, an interactive exhibition with multi-layered meanings reflected in its design.

From the distance, the installation visualizes flowers which universally represent delicate beauty. However, in proximity, the audience is immediately impressed by each flower’s presence, unique in scale and physicality. The audience is once again surprised to learn that the flowers could be easily activated by pushing the petals. This activation brings vibrancy to the whole plaza, signaling the energetic development of this neighborhood. By occupying one of the busiest spaces in Seoul, Memory Flower had a high exposure to the public during Dongdaemun Design Festival 2017.

The original inspiration for the flowers, more specifically tulips, came from Zinsu Han’s reflections on the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan and its historical similarity in modern Korean history. Kyrgyzstan and South Korea share a similar history of everyday citizens standing up to fight against their oppressive governments. A true public art installation, Han’s exhibition not only beautifies its surroundings but also signify a universal struggle for human rights.

All artworks by Zinsu Han

Curated & Produced by sketchedSPACE

Sponsored by Dongdaemun Future Foundation